High resolution images as a tool for light analysis.


Responding to environmental challenges and energy diversification from space.

Make the best decisions with our light data

Working with Noctosat data means working with correctly processed data that uses a scientific methodology, providing a seal of quality for your projects. Our job is to provide lighting information, pixel by pixel, through high-resolution nighttime satellite images, so you can make the best decisions.

Lighting Level

Color Temperature

C02 Emissions

RGB light amount

  • Standar Resolution 1.5-2m/px
  • Hight Resolution 0.5 m/px
Scene Size
  • 5 km wide, minimum 50 km in area
  • 12 km wide, up 1400 km long
  • 24 km wide, up to 200 km long

The solution is to look from Space

We are pioneers in correcting images, giving them great scientific value and precision in data. With our technology, you can address environmental and energy challenges arising from artificial night lighting.

Noctosat stands out for being close to our clients from the first contact, advising on the best images and the generation of the final products suitable for the project.

search night imagery


We offer a search service for archival satellite night images or new acquisitions.


All of our images are georeferenced using the QGIS program.

calibrated night satellite images


To obtain reliable data, it is necessary to correct the images using the appropriate parameters.


We deliver the processed data, or if you want to develop a report, depending on your needs.

noctosat for administration
Noctosat for researchers
Noctosat for  IDA certification
noctosat for administration
Studies and control of energy efficiency

Both for administrations and for lighting designers and installers who want more information to make sustainable decisions.

Noctosat for environmental researchers
Melatonin Suppression Index

Melatonin is one of the key drivers of biological rhythms in a wide array of organisms, and its production is highly responsive to light spectra.
Using our images you will obtain data a measure of the potential suppression of melatonin production by a light source

Noctosat for IDA certification
For sky quality Certifications

Do you want to get an IDA or Startlite certification? Our analysis will provide you with data on the brightness of the sky

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